Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick thoughts on Super Tuesday

All eyes on Ohio will it be Romney or Santorum?

Here are the variables.

The polls have them tied or Romney with slight lead with Santorum going down in the last couple of days.  Romney did well with early voters or those who already made of their minds but a large percentage of 35% of so have yet to make up their minds or might change it. If electability is on their minds they will break to Romney, if it is about the blue collar vote then they break to Santorum.

Regardless of who wins the popular vote, delegates will be split almost evenly. Santorum wins in OK and TN, Romney in VT, MA, and VA. Gingrich wins in Georgia. Everyone declares themselves to be a winner.

I think Romney eeks out a win in Ohio.

End of the Day. Delegates are split and the battle goes to next week in Alabama and Mississippi where Romney does poorly.

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