Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion: SuperProfessor and my New Book--The Encyclopedia of American Law and Criminal Justice

I am pleased to make two cool announcements.

First,  Faculty Row has named me one of 145 SuperProfessors for 2012.  The press release is below and notice to my selection is here.

Second, I am pleased to announce publication of my Encyclopedia of American Law and Criminal Justice, a two volume nearly 1,000 page endeavor.

BREAKING NEWS Via PRWEB: 2012 List of SuperProfessors Published on

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

“SuperProfessors” - Launched in 2011 by the leading social network site for academics,, is gaining recognition throughout traditional academic institutions.

FacultyRow has grown consistently since its inception, and currently has over 91,000 members in 103 countries (Source: Google Analytics.) With SuperProfessors being supported by the FacultyRow social network, it is becoming the ultimate platform highlighting achievements of leading academics and their respective areas of expertise.

SuperProfessors are a peer reviewed group of academics that consistently demonstrate excellence, passion, and clarity, throughout their academic careers. Often, these individuals are considered academic experts. “Technology is beginning to stratify academia” according to FacultyRow expert Steven Lewis. “We are convinced that leading educators, or SuperProfessors, will become increasingly valuable going forward. Student classrooms and expert knowledge will continue to become global on a massive scale.”

Currently there are 4,000 professors with pending applications for the official 2013 list of SuperProfessors. The premier 2012 list of SuperProfessors has been published to the web and sent to several major learning institutions in the public and private sectors.

SuperProfessors provides its members digital recognition via press releases, access to media outlets, and the ability to share their knowledge through strategic partnerships via FacultyRow.

“When I had a academic career question the first place I thought of asking it was Faculty Row. When I asked my question I got a number of well thought-out responses that really helped me make a decision. This is an excellent network for anyone in academia." Said Michael Reynolds, a Professor of Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

SuperProfessors is not only recognized by traditional academic institutions, but several web-based academic platforms, like and These academic platforms are now using SuperProfessors as a resource to identify prominent faculty and discover up-and-coming research.


  1. Congratulation professor,
    My name is Ahmed Tharwat and im a host/producer of the tpt show BerlAhdan with Ahmed" , love to invite to be our guest this Friday.. we will talk about your new book and other scary ideas.... please let me know if this would work for you.. taping is at 1130am, at our studio in MInnetonka...



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