Friday, September 17, 2010

Millions Wasted: The Clark/Bachmann Race is Over

So the latest survey is in: Bachmann maintains a nine point lead over Clark in MN’s sixth district race. With only 47 days to go, a KSTP Channel 5 poll puts Bachmann at 49%, Clark at 40%, the third party candidate Anderson at 6%, and undecideds at 5%.

The poll reports that the lead is unchanged from the previous survey. Since then hundreds of ads and hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars have poured into the race. Yet nothing has changed. If anything, the poll suggests opinions and voting preferences are fixed and with 5% undecided, there is little in terms of swing votes to move.

The race is over. About a week ago I blogged about how Democrats are wasting money on this race and need to stop pouring money into it and shift it to the Third Congressional District (Jim Meffert) or other races across the country. This poll reinforces my point.

This is a GOP year in a GOP district. Bachmann will not be beat this year. The DCCC should exit gracefully from the race, donors should go elsewhere, and the Democrats should think about what they can win and hold in remaining weeks.


  1. maybe your poll is flawed because not all the democrats have awoken enough to all show up, if they all showed up, what would those numbers then say.......I wish Anderson would throw in the towel!